Social Applications

Want To Build A Social Application ? We Know How To Do It !

Every person your talk to will have either used Facebook, Tiwtter, LinkedIn, Instagram or WhatSaap. These applications have taught people how to use web and mobile platforms to connect with friends, teachers, professionals etc.

Social applications are an integral part of our lives today. If you add social features to your application then you will be able to reach a much bigger audience.

Our own product,, is based on the concept of Educational Networking. Therefore, we have an indepth knowledge of building social applications.

If you wish to build an application which needs to have social features, then you should definately be talking to us.

Our Flagship Product -

Product development is in our DNA. Our flagship product is an Educational Networking platform which provides features like social learning, personalized learning, student to student and student to teacher interactions etc.

Some of our product features are...

Educational Networking let's users connect to share their knowledge and learn from each other. It provides features for connections between students and students as well as students and teachers. By providing a familiar interface like WhatsApp and Facebook, it let's users easily adapt to its UI.

Study groups help teachers and students form focused learning groups and share their knowledge. Our application provides features for creating sub groups within a group, add tasks to the group and view performance reports

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Social Learning Platform provides features for students from any part of the world to learn from teachers across the world. We not just provide e-learning content, we provide all features which facilitate communicate between teachers and students.

With the help of online discussion forums and open learning groups we wish to promote open and social learning so that each student should get access to good teachers and good learning content.

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Online Video Courses

At we provide online courses, at affordable prices as well as free, for students to be able to get access to good education. Students can either pay and buy these courses or redeem their learning points and enroll into these courses.

At the end of the course students receive a completion certificate. Also, students get a change to clear their queries from our experts during their learning process.

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Personalized Learning provides functionality to help students learn at their own speed, track their learning progress and understand their strong and weak areas so that they can work hard in the right direction.

We understand that each student is different, and it is important to make education fun for students by giving them an opportunity to learn subjects of their choice and at the speed they wish.

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Open E-School is at the heart of our efforts to encourage and promote social learning.

We invite you to become a part of our open learing initiatives